Apr 082015

Why is EFT so powerful?
EFT is a very practical technique. However, there are many aspects that require expertise, too.

Why is EFT so powerful?

In order to make an important decision, there is a very simple but effective method. It is called a plus-minus or weakness-strength report. There are two columns in the report. In such a report, both weak and strong aspects of the situation are listed in separate columns. And then, the contents of the columns are compared. The method does not supply a mathematical formulation, but it helps you to be aware of the details of the problem.

Let us prepare such a report for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques-emotional).


Weak (Negative) sides of EFT

– EFT is a very simple application and its effect might be underestimated.
– The underlying logic of energy meridians is not easy to understand with the Western point of view.
– There is not an accepted explanation of EFT for the Western science.
– As it is an unknown application, it might be fearful for some people.
– Many people believe in drugs being more effective in the treatments, or performance improvements. On the other side, EFT only proposes to drink water.

Strong (Positive) sides of EFT

– There are no substances to enter into the body for EFT.
– Nothing is removed from the human body.
– No new programs are installed into the subconscious mind.
– Nothing is deleted from the unconscious mind externally.
– It does not conflict the placebo effect.
– Can be applied in many forms (normal, short, virtual, etc).
– The results of the application often can be benefited very quickly.
– Outcomes can be measured easily.
– It’s possible to apply people who can not be treated medically anymore.
– When necessary, it can be applied remotely.
– It is not necessary to believe in EFT to be effective.
– It is not only for physical challenges.
– Pretty easy to experiment.
– It can be effective even in cases as severe as PTSD.
– It has no side effect.
– Can be applied at any age.

You can add your personal thoughts in the above list.


According to my list, strong side of the system is much more dominant compared to the weak side.

EFT is an amazingly simple and effective system.

However, despite its simplicity, it must be applied with the help of an expert at the beginning.
Because if you make a false beginning, you might miss its enormous benefits.

In order to start EFT, find a local expert (or if you are in İstanbul you can reach me) and then try it. You will be surprised!

ahmet aksoy

Nov 302014

Temporal Tapping Method For Rapid Behavioral Changes (Part-II)

(The first part of this article is at the address: Temporal Tapping Method For Rapid Behavioral Changes (Part I) )

As I stated in the first part of this article, Temporal Tapping method is coming from the ancient Chinese and Japanese acupressure methods. It is like EFT, but it is especially used for rapid behavioral changes.

Temporal Tapping MethodTemporal Tapping method is simpler and shorter even comparing with the short recipe of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Tapping area is in the upper part of both ears, and the tapping points lie on a semi-circle. “Temporal Lobe” of our brain is in the same area. The name of the method “Temporal Tapping” comes from the name of this region.

Temporal Tapping Points

As I said in the first part, it is possible to use only the right side if we just gain a new positive habit. In such a case, there is nothing to change by using our left Temporal area.

The most critical detail is not to forget to say negative sentences while tapping at the left side, and to say positive sentence while tapping at the right side. However some people use both sides while saying both negative and positive sentences, and some others use only the right Temporal area. Even some people reverse the sides. The tap around the right ear with a negative sentence, and tap left side with a positive sentence.

But, in our test studies, we found that tapping left Temporal area with negative sentences, and tapping on the right for positive sentences gives best results. I am suggesting that method to you also. Anyway you can give a try to find that fits best for you.

My example is designed in order to change false beliefs related with money. This is a widespread problem. The people with false money beliefs work hard, but earn less. Because they self-sabotage themselves. If you think that you work hard but can not earn as you expected, then apply the following example to yourself.

  • Left ear: I am not a valued one (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: I am a valued one (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: I don’t have enough money (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: I have more than enough money (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: I can not be rich (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: Being rich is my birth right (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: It is not easy to earn money for me (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: It is very easy to earn money for me (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: Being rich is not good for me (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: Being rich is good for me (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: I am not a successful person (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: I am a successful person (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: If I become successful, my friends will not continue to love me. (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: If I become successful, my friends will continue to love me. (repeat 3-5 times)

The above sentences are sample sentences. For the best results, you must revise them for yourself. Of course, you may use them as written as above. But, they are written as my words, and my sentences. If you use your own words, own phrases, and your own sentences, they will be more effective.

First, construct your positive sentences. Then make the negative ones.

If you like, you can say all negative sentences in a row and tapping at the left side. Then, say the positive sentences while tapping the right Temporal area. Use the method which is best for you.

Ahmet Aksoy

Some references on Temporal Tapping:

(1) Donna Eden, Energy Medicine
(2) Stuart D. Marmorstein, The Temporal Tap: Reprogramming Your Mind to Change Your Life
(3) Larry Nims, Be Set Free Fast: Release Your Discomforts Now
(4) Roger Callahan, Tapping The Healer Within
(5) Gary Craig, The EFT Course
(6) Carol Tuttle
(7) Christine Sutherland

May 152014

18 Important Points for EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping Points

EFT Tapping PointsThe main points used in EFT Tapping are listed below:
01-KP- Karate Chop Point: (Small Intestine Meridian – Point: SI2) It is located at the center of the fleshy sides of each hand. (Symmetrical)
02-EB- Eyebrow: (Bladder Meridian – Point: BM2) It is located at the beginning of the eyebrow above the nose. (Symmetrical)
03-SE- Side of Eye: (Gall Bladder Meridian – Point: GB1) It is located on the outer side of the eye. (Symmetrical)
04-UE- Under Eye: (Stomach Meridian – Point: SM1) It is located under the center of the eye, about 2 cm (0.8 in) below it. (Symmetrical)
05-UN- Under Nose: (Du / Governing Vessel Meridian – Point: GV27) It is at the center between the nose and the upper lip. (Single)
06-CH- Chin: (Ren / Central Meridian – Point: REN24) It is located between the lower lip and chin. (Single)
07-CB- Collar bone: (Kidney Meridian – Point: KD27) It is located at the point that collarbone meets with the upper point of the V shape below the Adam’s Apple. (Symmetrical)
08-UA- Under Arm: (Spleen Meridian – Point: SP21) It is located about 4 inches (10 cm) below the armpit. (Symmetrical)
09-TH- Thumb: (Lung Meridian – Point: LU11) It is located on the upper side of the thumb where the base corner of the fingernail starts. (Symmetrical)
10-IF- Index Finger: (Large Intestine Meridian – Point: LI1) It is located on the upper side of the index finger where the base corner of the fingernail starts. (Symmetrical)
11-MF- Middle Finger: (Pericardium Meridian – Point: PR9) It is located on the upper side of the middle finger where the base corner of the fingernail starts. (Symmetrical)
12-LF- Little Finger: (Heart Meridian – Point: HT9) It is located on the upper side of the baby finger where the base corner of the fingernail starts. (Symmetrical)
13-GP- 9-Gamut Point: (Triple Warmer Meridian – Point: TW3) It is at the back of the hand and 0.8 in (2 cm) behind the center point of the knuckles between the baby and ring finger. (Symmetrical)
14-SP- Sore Point: (Stomach Meridian – Points: ST15, ST16) It is located at 3 inches (7.5 cm) down, and 3 inches (7.5 cm) across from the V shape at the top of the sternum (breastbone). These points are very sensitive to pressure. (Symmetrical)
15-LP- Liver Point: (Liver Meridian – Point: LV14) That point generally cannot be used by women in public. It is located directly beneath 2 inches (5 cm) below the nipple (under the bra wire). (Symmetrical)
16-TH- Top of Head: (Du Meridian – Point: DU20) It is located at the top of the head. Actually it is a region, and the crown chakra is located in the same region. (Single Region)
17-WR- Wrist (inner side): (Triple Warmer Meridian – Point: TW4) It is located inside of the wrist, below crease where the hand and wrist joins. Some practitioners use it during shortened recipe. (Symmetrical)
18-WR- Wrist (outer side): (Heart Meridian – Point: HM7 and Small Intestine Meridian – Point: SI5) It is located outside of the wrist, where the hand and wrist joins. Some practitioners use it during shortened recipe. (Symmetrical)

The symmetrical tapping points can be used alternately, or together at the same time during a session.
In my next article, I will explain how to apply a basic EFT recipe.

Follow me.

Ahmet Aksoy

Jun 182013

Can EFT Be Effective On Epileptic Seizures?

The following mails are written to Gary Craig by Gayle Waxon.

I have had epilepsy for the past 20 years.  When the seizures came on at the age of 18, I was devastated and did not know what I was going to do with my life.  After learning about EFT and getting a grip on it really well, I started searching within myself to see if I had core issues that were triggering such an issue like seizures.

I think back to what was happening to me at that age and what were my feelings associated with it.  At age 18, I felt like I had some major decision-making to do, I had the question going through my brain “what do I want to be, do or become when I grow up?”  And I did not have a clue!  This was a major problem for me.  What if I made the wrong decision and I had to start over?  I had a lot of fear come up for me.  Making decisions were not fun for me, it would become a total stress.  And trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life was a MAJOR decision.  I kept thinking that I was going to make the wrong decision.

I have been searching down many paths to find answers to these seizures.  Well, I have finally come to a conclusion and that is EFT can help people with clearing their seizure activity.  This is my EFT story.

I was all excited because I was finally able to see Gary Craig in person at a seminar.  It was a 3 day seminar and my mother-in law was also with me.  Devi Ishaya, my mother-in-law has known me for a long time and also lived with me for a couple of years so she is very aware of the signs and symptoms of when my seizures are coming on.

That morning when I woke up and we were getting ready to go get a place to sit at the room for the seminar, I had what I call the “seizure feelings” in my stomach.  Devi could tell something was wrong because she knew that I was very excited to be at the seminar and I was acting a little different that morning.  So without hesitation she asked me “Gayle, are you feeling alright?”  I told her that I was having seizure feelings that morning and feeling a little depressed about it, because I did not want this to take over and totally ruin my time at this seminar that I have been really looking forward to for a very long time.

Since Devi was aware of my “seizure feeling” situation, I got the question, from my mother-in-law, “how are you feeling Gayle?” about every 30 minutes.  And I really do not mind that because I would rather let people know about the situation than hide it from them.  I learned that after the first 5 years of trying to hide having seizures.

By the time we got down to the room for the seminar, on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the seizure, and 0 being NO seizure feelings at all, I was at the level of a 3 or 4 with my seizure feelings in my stomach.  The seizure feelings were climbing by the minute.  I started to feel my level of anxiety grow and I was starting to get very nervous.  The seizure feeling in my stomach was moving its way up to the brain ready to explode.

It was then time for the first break at the seminar and I was relieved that I made it through the first hour!  But Devi looked at me and could tell that something was not right.  My level of the seizure feelings were now at about a 6 or 7 and I was getting very nervous and not knowing which way to walk, talk, turn, hide or even sit down.  Luckily, Gary announced, within that first hour, that there were some EFT experts there at the seminar and if we needed any help on issues during this seminar, to please feel free ask one of them.

Devi could see the color in my face changing by that time and that is when she immediately decided to take Gary’s advice and ask for help from an EFT expert.  She very quickly ran to Dale Teplitz and asked her to come and tap on me to see if we could clear this.

As soon as Dale arrived in front of me, I was at the level of 9 and I was just about ready to have the seizure.  Dale sat me down immediately and started that wonderful EFT tapping.  As soon as Dale started the tapping on me, I felt an explosion of emotions just come flooding out of me. Tears galore were coming out of me, and I had no idea where we were going with all this.  I can vaguely remember self-confidence and fear feelings came up and I still was not able to talk.  I just cried and cried.

Dale had just done a couple of rounds and the seizure feeling seemed to release a little, like to a level 7.  Then with a couple more rounds and another explosion of feelings and tears started to release again, and then it happened, for the FIRST time in 20 years, that seizure feeling TOTALLY DISSOLVED and RELEASED!!!!!

I could not believe it!  I was trying really hard to find the seizure feeling again in my stomach and no matter what I did, it just was not there!  I felt all clear in the brain and I thought ‘how could this be’? I have done tapping with myself during other seizure feelings and this has never happened. I never cried when I did that tapping, but I just could not believe what had just happened to me.

During the rest of the seminar, when I remembered, I tried to find that seizure feeling in my stomach and all the nervousness that went with it, but it just was not there.  I still was in the state of trying to believe that this really happened.

By going through this fantastic realization, it has brought all my questions and thoughts about my seizures and EFT to the conclusion that I have been looking for. And that conclusion is, yes, doing EFT can help me significantly and yes, my seizures are probably emotionally based.  Most of all,  I see myself standing at the “Y” in the road and that is telling me I now have a choice.  I can choose to go down the path that is labeled seizures or I can choose that path that has no label or sign and I can create anything I want on that new pathway of life.  I am totally excited to take my new path!

UPDATE 1 year later:

Well, after that fantastic experience at the Gary Craig, EFT seminar a year ago, I had hoped that I could be free of seizures for the rest of my life!  But, for some reason they started coming back again on the regular schedule of a monthly basis.  I was having about 2-10 partial complex seizures a month.  Every time I have a seizure, it makes me feel like I have to start my life all over again.

These past couple of months I have been working REALLY hard to get to the core issues of my emotions that I thought could be triggering the seizures.  I had made it my goal to not give up until I had another clue or breakthrough, like I did at the seminar, that I could control or totally clear the seizures activity in my life!  I have become determined to do it.

Well, last Friday I started getting my clues that seizures could be coming on.  I have what is called “seizure thoughts” “seizure feelings” then the “seizure action” ALWAYS comes next. The clues were the “seizure thoughts and small feelings” that were happening in my stomach.  They usually come the day before the full seizure comes on.

Saturday morning I remember briefly waking up to a seizure feeling in my stomach and then blacking out.  When I woke up again, I felt out-of-place and groggy and I asked my husband what happened and he said that I had a seizure.

A couple of hours later, the same seizure feeling in my stomach, that I had earlier that morning and at the seminar a year before, was coming on again, at an intensity level of an 8 (10 being a seizure), and an amazing thing happened.  My hands started tapping on my collar-bone points and then my sore spot points and then started doing the normal round of tapping on the EFT meridian points and all I could say out load was “relax”, “relax,” “relax” and within one or two rounds the WHOLE seizure feeling totally dissolved out of my stomach!!!  For the first time in 21 years, I was able to control and stop the seizure activity before it totally took over my brain!!!!!!

I was so amazed I could not believe what I had just done!  Was it really true?  Did I control that seizure?  Well, I guess I needed some more practice or proof, because later that day, I had another strong seizure feeling in my stomach come through, and I started tapping again in the same manner, right on my collar bones, sore spots and then the full EFT meridian points just saying the word “relax, relax, relax”.  And once again the WHOLE seizure feeling in my stomach, that was at an intensity level of an 8, (10 being a seizure), TOTALLY dissolved!!!

Again, it happened for me! I felt like I just had a MAJOR breakthrough in my life.  I have more hope now than ever before – I can see the end of the tunnel – it is right at my fingertips!

After having such an experience, new doors are opening for me to share this experience with others and give people “hope” to keep moving forward and “GO FOR IT!” because they can do it also!”


Gayle Waxon


One month later


I could not hold back, it is really happening and I need to share this with you!  Last Thursday, I just had ANOTHER breakthrough with the pattern of seizures!!  The pattern is wonderfully dissolving!  I can still remember that day CRYSTAL clear!  Here is my story:

I woke up in the morning to go to work and the first thing that I noticed was that it could be a “seizure day” due to the feelings in my stomach.  I could remember a lot of tossing and turning and that is also a sign that it could be a “seizure day”.  When I have these thoughts and feelings, I get frustrated and my level of anxiety goes up wondering if I will be able to make it all the way to work today.

So I started thinking what I could do to change this around and my thought was, “Gayle just go into the bathroom and start your tapping and set the pattern for the day”.  So I did and I thought to myself, “I had a breakthrough before, WHAT IF I have another breakthrough today???

I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror and started my tapping:

Rubbed on Sore Spot location:

“Even though I am having these seizure feelings in my stomach, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”

“Even though I am having these seizure feelings in my stomach, I choose to be calm and relaxed all day today”

“Even though I am having these seizure feelings in my stomach, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”

Top of head: seizure feelings
Eyebrow: seizure feelings

Side of eye: seizure feelings

Under eye: seizure feelings in my stomach

Under nose: seizure feelings in my stomach

Chin: seizure feelings in my stomach

Collarbone: seizure feelings in my stomach

Under arm: seizure feelings

Top of head: seizure feelings in my stomach

Top of head:  I love being calm and relaxed

Eyebrow:  I give permission for my central nervous system to be calm and relaxed all day

Side of eye:  calm and relaxed

Under eye: I am very easily calm and relaxed

Under nose:  my stomach is calm and relaxed

Chin: I choose to be 100% calm and relaxed today

Collarbone: I choose to be 100% calm and relaxed today

Under arm: I love being calm and relaxed
Top of head:  being calm and relaxed is very easy for me

Ok, I felt like that was a good foundational start for the day.  I even did some of the same statements and tapping while I was in the shower and when I got out of the shower.  When all was completed in the bathroom I gave my update to my husband, to let him know that I was going to go to work.

After the 1 ½ hours of commuter time, I was successful at making it to work without a seizure, so my set goal was to make it through every hour, free and clear of all seizure activity and being calm and relaxed. As the next two hours passed by, I was grateful for not having any seizures but I was still having the seizure feelings in my stomach.  So every time I went to the bathroom, I also did the rounds of tapping with some of the same statements from the beginning of the morning.

Here is another example of what I did in the bathroom at work:

Rubbed on Sore Spot location:

“Even though I am still having these seizure feelings in my stomach and I do not know where they are coming from, I choose to be calm and relaxed anyway”

“Even though I am still having these seizure feelings in my stomach and I do not know where they are coming from, I choose to release the pattern of seizures in a way that is easy and safe for me and everyone that is around me”

“Even though I am still having these seizure feelings in my stomach and I do not know where they are coming from, I choose to be calm and relaxed anyway, I am a good person”

Top of head:  still having seizure feelings

Eyebrow:  still having these seizure feelings in my stomach

Side of eye:  still having these seizure feelings

Under eye: still having these seizure feelings in my stomach

Under nose:  still having these seizure feelings

Chin: still having these seizure feelings in my stomach

Collarbone: still having these seizure feelings in my stomach

Under arm still having these seizure feelings in my stomach

Top of head:  still having these seizure feelings

Top of head:  calm and relaxed

Eyebrow:  I give permission for my central nervous system to be calm and relaxed all day

Side of eye:  calm and relaxed

Under eye: I am very easily calm and relaxed

Under nose:  my stomach is calm and relaxed

Chin: I choose to be 100% calm and relaxed today

Collarbone: calm and relaxed today

Under arm being calm and relaxed
Top of head:  being calm and relaxed is very easy for me today

Well, around 10:00 am, I was talking to my husband on the phone and here comes the wave of seizure feelings from my stomach that started to build and move its way up my chest and then to my head, where I usually start to blackout and start walking around looking spacey.  I was holding the phone with one hand, trying to listen to what he was saying, but I knew that I needed to tap!

So, I started very quickly to tap, with my right hand, on my collarbone location and my sore spot location(my stomach really likes when I use this spot, it even tells me “thank-you” at times) saying:

“calm and relaxed”

“calm and relaxed”

“calm and relaxed” and I automatically tapped on all the EFT body points, still saying ‘calm and relaxed’ etc…  and within 10 seconds or even less, the whole seizure wave/feeling, that was at a SUDS level of an 8, (10 being a seizure), dropped to a  level 1 and the seizure feelings dissolved!  I was so excited!  I had to do a reality check to see if I was still talking to my husband and I was, and I even remember the whole conversation, meaning that I did NOT have any blackouts or become unconscious.  He was not even aware that I had it.

As the day progressed, I started feeling the need for taking a nap, I could feel that my energy system was running in extra gears and burning out.  It was two hours later that I had the exact same experience again!  The wave of the big seizure feeling started to move from my stomach and up to my throat, so I started tapping once again very quickly because they come on so fast, the SUDS level again was an 8, (the level at 10 is a seizure) right on my collarbones with both hands, stating:

“Calm and relaxed”

“Calm and relaxed,

“I love being calm and relaxed”

“I choose to be calm and relaxed”

“It is ok to be calm and relaxed”

“I will always be calm and relaxed”

“I love being calm and relaxed today”

I just wanted to be calm and relaxed!  And again, the whole seizure feeling was released, it just dissolved!!  I was aware of everything that just happened.

At the very end of the day, I had finally made it home safely, and we were out celebrating with my son’s soccer team.  Well, guess what came up again!  Yes, the big wave of the seizure feelings in my stomach and it was spreading and spiraling upward again, and I am sitting next to all these other people and since I had already tapped in front of other people before, I was confident enough to do it again in front of others that I did not know very well, so I went for it doing the same thing.  Tapping on my collarbones and sore spots with both hands saying to myself:

“Calm and relaxed”

“Calm and relaxed”

“I love being calm and relaxed”

“I love the new pattern of being calm and relaxed”

“Calm and relaxed”

Within 10 seconds the whole enlarged seizure feeling that was growing inside my body, taking over my whole chest and even the muscles of my arms, totally released.  People around me were not really aware of what I just did!  So, I got up and headed to the front of the restaurant to find my husband, that had just stepped out, and while I was walking to the door I did tapping on all of my EFT body points.

That day at work started a new “thought” and a new “visual” for me that now goes through my brain everyday.  The new thought is “I do have control over my seizures!”  and the new visual is, I can look back and see myself tapping during those 3 moments of the seizure coming on and I can REMEMBER EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of that day!!!!  I did not have blackouts, I did not go unconscious, the “BE”ing in me, the capability to BE Gayle Waxon and accept Gayle Waxon, became the stronger one that day and I now have a LARGER feeling of hope and peace in my heart, than I did a month ago and I want to share it with everyone!


Gayle Waxon

May 072013

You Can Be Stress Free With EFT

EFT tapping points

Stress is one of our contemporary ailments.

Daily struggles, worries, fears, and non-fulfilled expectations…

All of them are sources of stress.

We, generally prefer to put our emotional problems in the drawers of our sub-conscious mind, instead of facing them. We hide, and collect them. We behave as if we don’t see, and even we try to forget them.

And then we wonder, without rhyme or reason why we get angry, why we feel blue, and without any apparent reason why we are afraid of everything.
Worries, concerns, fears and expectations are in the drawers of our subconscious…
That’s the main source of stress that lies in these hidden drawers…

Yes, its name is EFT.

EFT is the abbreviation of the words “Emotional Freedom Techniques”.
This technique should be known by everyone.

This technique provides us both clearing of our emotional burdens, as well as preventing the very beginning of the formation of new loadings. Thus it has both a restorative, and also has a protective structure.

EFT, is not an alternative to modern medicine. But, by the permission of the attending physician, it can provide a very effective support.

EFT is a technique that should be learned at an early age if possible, starting from the first steps of primary education. Because it contains important tools that we can make use of it, in every stage of our lives. It is completely technical and practical. At first, it must be applied with the help of an expert. When you learn the critical details, you can apply EFT easily on your own. In order to be effective, you do not need any special philosophical beliefs.

Try and see the results before you decide.

History of EFT extends to 4,000 B.C. Its foundations are Chinese, and Japan acupressure techniques. These techniques started to be understood, accepted, and revised accordingly. Some of these revised techniques are Applied Kinesiology, and Thought Field Therapy.

In 1990’s, a Stanford graduated engineer, Gary Craig created a new set of techniques named as “Emotional Freedom Techniques”. It was a simplified, practical, yet effective set of techniques.

EFT, assumes the existence of energy meridians. But, in the West, everything depends on the matter. However, as Albert Einstein showed that even matter is a form of energy. Using the same perspective, it is easier to understand that our body is affected by the changes in the energy meridians. Both acupuncture, and acupressure systems use the same energy meridian model.

The aim of EFT is to maintain energy balance. In order to maintain the stabilization, some of the acupuncture points on our body are kinesthetically stimulated by finger tapping.

In an EFT session, we intensify on a single problem in our mind while we are tapping at the same time. It looks like drumming on the table with our fingers when we feel stressed.

In an EFT session only a single problem takes into consideration. Finger tapping is applied to some points on the energy meridians in order to balance the disturbances in energy flow. So, the negative effects of that problem are recovered simultaneously. However, some problems which are hidden behind the recovered problem, come to the surface. Then, the same techniques are used in order to recover the new problems.

All stresses, and worries create some problems on different parts of our body. By using EFT, we recover them. Some EFT applications are very short. Some others might take quite a long time. That difference depends on the person, or the type of the problem. Sometimes only a single session will be enough, and sometimes you need to repeat the procedure for a longer period of time.

EFT, supplies a practical, and effective solution to our daily problems, and is being known by many people as time passes.

I will share my new writings about EFT in my blog. I am waiting for your comments.
Please be in contact with me.

Ahmet Aksoy

May 032013

Our site http://eft.axtelsoft.com will continue in English from now on. However, our Turkish articles will be published again on http://eft-tepeleme.gamet.com.tr/ .

That was a planned change.

We want to reach more people. Because, we think that EFT must be known by every person on Earth. So, we shall use English as a common language.

We will try to make a new start, and will try to discuss as much details as possible.

EFT looks like too simple. However, it is like an iceberg. Most of the details are under the water surface.

If you share your questions and answers with us, we can be more useful to whom that  needs help.

We know that knowledge grows when shared.

Be in contact with us.

Ahmet Aksoy

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