Nov 302014

Temporal Tapping Method For Rapid Behavioral Changes (Part-II)

(The first part of this article is at the address: Temporal Tapping Method For Rapid Behavioral Changes (Part I) )

As I stated in the first part of this article, Temporal Tapping method is coming from the ancient Chinese and Japanese acupressure methods. It is like EFT, but it is especially used for rapid behavioral changes.

Temporal Tapping MethodTemporal Tapping method is simpler and shorter even comparing with the short recipe of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Tapping area is in the upper part of both ears, and the tapping points lie on a semi-circle. “Temporal Lobe” of our brain is in the same area. The name of the method “Temporal Tapping” comes from the name of this region.

Temporal Tapping Points

As I said in the first part, it is possible to use only the right side if we just gain a new positive habit. In such a case, there is nothing to change by using our left Temporal area.

The most critical detail is not to forget to say negative sentences while tapping at the left side, and to say positive sentence while tapping at the right side. However some people use both sides while saying both negative and positive sentences, and some others use only the right Temporal area. Even some people reverse the sides. The tap around the right ear with a negative sentence, and tap left side with a positive sentence.

But, in our test studies, we found that tapping left Temporal area with negative sentences, and tapping on the right for positive sentences gives best results. I am suggesting that method to you also. Anyway you can give a try to find that fits best for you.

My example is designed in order to change false beliefs related with money. This is a widespread problem. The people with false money beliefs work hard, but earn less. Because they self-sabotage themselves. If you think that you work hard but can not earn as you expected, then apply the following example to yourself.

  • Left ear: I am not a valued one (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: I am a valued one (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: I don’t have enough money (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: I have more than enough money (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: I can not be rich (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: Being rich is my birth right (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: It is not easy to earn money for me (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: It is very easy to earn money for me (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: Being rich is not good for me (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: Being rich is good for me (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: I am not a successful person (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: I am a successful person (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Left ear: If I become successful, my friends will not continue to love me. (repeat 3-5 times)
  • Right ear: If I become successful, my friends will continue to love me. (repeat 3-5 times)

The above sentences are sample sentences. For the best results, you must revise them for yourself. Of course, you may use them as written as above. But, they are written as my words, and my sentences. If you use your own words, own phrases, and your own sentences, they will be more effective.

First, construct your positive sentences. Then make the negative ones.

If you like, you can say all negative sentences in a row and tapping at the left side. Then, say the positive sentences while tapping the right Temporal area. Use the method which is best for you.

Ahmet Aksoy

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(3) Larry Nims, Be Set Free Fast: Release Your Discomforts Now
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May 212014

Do You Know That You Can Get Rid Of Your Fears With EFT

Probably, you too have some fears that you want to get rid of, like most of us. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an effective tool that can be used to clean your fears, fobias, and bad memories from your subconscious mind. EFT can help you to improve the quality of your life, because it can help you to remove the disturbing emotional effects of negative memories. EFT helps you to face them easily.



Here is a small list of some well known contemporary fear and phobias:

  • Public speaking phobia (glossophobia)
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of snakes, spiders, insects, etc
  • Claustrophobia (being in closed areas)
  • Fear of dentist
  • Fear of inoculation
  • Fear of traffic
  • Fear of elavators
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of velocity
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of being ill
  • Fear of dogs
  • Fear of being alone
  • Fear of exams

We can easily enlarge that list.
Maybe it is better to prepare a list for your own.
Ask your own!…

Do you have any fears that exist in the above list?
Or any other that you can add to it?
For example, when you have to make a small speech to a little group, how do you feel?
Are you sweating? Are you blushing?

When you are in an exam, do you forget things that you knew very well? Are you afraid to get on the plane, or even an elavator?

Maybe you know your fears, but you could not find a solution…

Then, take a paper, and write every thing that makes you afraid of. They might be very small, or at phobia level. By making such a list, you become more aware of your worries, fears, and phobias. The first step for the solution of such problems, is to become aware of them. When you complete your list, give an intensity level between 0 and 10 for each item in your list.

If there are any zeros, remove these items from the list. Then sort your listing such that most disturbing lines with bigger intensity levels being at the top. Thus, you can apply EFT for each item in your list starting from the top, one by one. Do not hurry up! Give you enough time for each item. Work on them one by one. When you cleared an item, then remove it from your list also.

EFT, is an easy and very effective tool. You can solve your problems with it, like many did. It can help you to get rid of your fears. Because this technique, is also effective even on some very heavy problems like PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

You have nothing to lose. However, you will improve the quality of your future life, starting from now on… Of course, you should never forget that EFT is not an alternative to medicine. You must consult your doctor first.

Ahmet Aksoy