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Temporal Tapping Method For Rapid Behavioral Changes (Part I)

Temporal Tapping method has its roots in the ancient Chinese and Japanese acupressure methods like EFT. That method is especially beneficial when applied in need of rapid behavioral changes. It is reported that this method had been used in order to control the uncontrollable – perhaps hyperactive – children. (Donna Eden, Energy Medicine). The same method was being used in order to control pain on different locations of the world. (Stuart D. Marmorstein, The Temporal Tap: Reprogramming Your Mind to Change Your Life)

Temporal Tapping MethodTemporal Tapping method is simpler and shorter even comparing with the short recipe of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Tapping area is in the upper part of both ears, and the points lie on a semi-circle. “Temporal Lobe” of our brain is in the same area. The name of the method “Temporal Tapping” comes from the name of this region.

The tapping points of Temporal Tapping method (see the image) are the members of the Triple Warmer Meridian. Point 21 is at the front of the ear. Point 20 is at the top of the ear. The other points are located sequentially at the back of the ear. The last points 22, and 23 of the Triple Warmer Meridian, are also located close to the others. The last meridian point 23 is at the outer end of the eyebrow. Point 22 is a little closer to the ear.

We can use only the points from 21 to 18 which are exactly on the semicircle that is located around the upper half of the ear. However, I prefer using all points starting from the last point 23, up to the point 17. While tapping I use index, middle,ring, and baby fingers altogether. At the start, my baby finger hits the 23rd point, and my index point hit the 21st point. Then I move my fingers a few millimeters up and left for another tap. When I reach to the top point 20, go on tapping back and lower at each tap. When my baby or middle finger hits the 17th point, I stop and go to the first position.

Each tapping is made rapidly. Hits are made firmly, but without causing any hurt. Total tapping in order to complete a whole cycle requires about 8 or 10 tappings, and lasts about 2-3 seconds.
While tapping you can use one to four fingers as you like.

Maybe you noticed that the tappings in Temporal Tapping Method are applied in the backwards direction. Starting tappings are applied to the end point 23 of Triple Warmer Meridian at first( or point 21 if you prefer), then continue with the smaller meridian points. This backward direction is important. Donna Eden in her book “Energy Medicine”, says that the reverse tapping direction with respect to the energy flow in the Triple Warmer meridian, is especially effective on rapid behavioral changes.

In the method we also need two setup sentences. One for negative, and one for positive.

First we tap at the left side, and say the negative setup sentence, then we tap at the right side and repeat the positive sentence. For each side we repeat the sentences for 3 to 5 times.

While we are tapping at the left temporal region, we stimulate the left side of our brain. As you know, that side of brain behaves logically. Our logical filters are controlled by left side of our brain. When we repeat a negative statement that we actually accepting, there will be no objection for it. But, we tap in the reverse direction of the actual energy flow. So, there will be a small contradiction with the meaning of the message. That will lessen the negative effect of the message. Then we repeat the same sentence positively and tap the right Temporal region. That will stimulate our right brain, and will accept the positive message directly. By repeating the same procedure, the overall positive effect of the message will become more effective, resulting in a behavioral change.

This technique is especially useful if we want to change our negative beliefs.

If we want to have a new habit, then only tapping at the right side and repeating the positive sentence will be enough.

In my next article I will give you some examples.

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Second part of this article is at the address: Temporal Tapping Method For Rapid Behavioral Changes (Part-II)

Notes to whom it may concern : Due to the location of the Triple Warmer points, I think that there are some extra effects. For example, the sensitive hearing organs which are inside the inner ear, might be affected by the kinetical agitation made with the fingers. Similar tappings that are made anywhere on the sculp, might affect all the meridian points that are located on our head.

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