Apr 082015

Why is EFT so powerful?
EFT is a very practical technique. However, there are many aspects that require expertise, too.

Why is EFT so powerful?

In order to make an important decision, there is a very simple but effective method. It is called a plus-minus or weakness-strength report. There are two columns in the report. In such a report, both weak and strong aspects of the situation are listed in separate columns. And then, the contents of the columns are compared. The method does not supply a mathematical formulation, but it helps you to be aware of the details of the problem.

Let us prepare such a report for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques-emotional).


Weak (Negative) sides of EFT

– EFT is a very simple application and its effect might be underestimated.
– The underlying logic of energy meridians is not easy to understand with the Western point of view.
– There is not an accepted explanation of EFT for the Western science.
– As it is an unknown application, it might be fearful for some people.
– Many people believe in drugs being more effective in the treatments, or performance improvements. On the other side, EFT only proposes to drink water.

Strong (Positive) sides of EFT

– There are no substances to enter into the body for EFT.
– Nothing is removed from the human body.
– No new programs are installed into the subconscious mind.
– Nothing is deleted from the unconscious mind externally.
– It does not conflict the placebo effect.
– Can be applied in many forms (normal, short, virtual, etc).
– The results of the application often can be benefited very quickly.
– Outcomes can be measured easily.
– It’s possible to apply people who can not be treated medically anymore.
– When necessary, it can be applied remotely.
– It is not necessary to believe in EFT to be effective.
– It is not only for physical challenges.
– Pretty easy to experiment.
– It can be effective even in cases as severe as PTSD.
– It has no side effect.
– Can be applied at any age.

You can add your personal thoughts in the above list.


According to my list, strong side of the system is much more dominant compared to the weak side.

EFT is an amazingly simple and effective system.

However, despite its simplicity, it must be applied with the help of an expert at the beginning.
Because if you make a false beginning, you might miss its enormous benefits.

In order to start EFT, find a local expert (or if you are in İstanbul you can reach me) and then try it. You will be surprised!

ahmet aksoy

May 212014

Do You Know That You Can Get Rid Of Your Fears With EFT

Probably, you too have some fears that you want to get rid of, like most of us. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an effective tool that can be used to clean your fears, fobias, and bad memories from your subconscious mind. EFT can help you to improve the quality of your life, because it can help you to remove the disturbing emotional effects of negative memories. EFT helps you to face them easily.


Photo: personalitytutor.com

Here is a small list of some well known contemporary fear and phobias:

  • Public speaking phobia (glossophobia)
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of snakes, spiders, insects, etc
  • Claustrophobia (being in closed areas)
  • Fear of dentist
  • Fear of inoculation
  • Fear of traffic
  • Fear of elavators
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of velocity
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of being ill
  • Fear of dogs
  • Fear of being alone
  • Fear of exams

We can easily enlarge that list.
Maybe it is better to prepare a list for your own.
Ask your own!…

Do you have any fears that exist in the above list?
Or any other that you can add to it?
For example, when you have to make a small speech to a little group, how do you feel?
Are you sweating? Are you blushing?

When you are in an exam, do you forget things that you knew very well? Are you afraid to get on the plane, or even an elavator?

Maybe you know your fears, but you could not find a solution…

Then, take a paper, and write every thing that makes you afraid of. They might be very small, or at phobia level. By making such a list, you become more aware of your worries, fears, and phobias. The first step for the solution of such problems, is to become aware of them. When you complete your list, give an intensity level between 0 and 10 for each item in your list.

If there are any zeros, remove these items from the list. Then sort your listing such that most disturbing lines with bigger intensity levels being at the top. Thus, you can apply EFT for each item in your list starting from the top, one by one. Do not hurry up! Give you enough time for each item. Work on them one by one. When you cleared an item, then remove it from your list also.

EFT, is an easy and very effective tool. You can solve your problems with it, like many did. It can help you to get rid of your fears. Because this technique, is also effective even on some very heavy problems like PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

You have nothing to lose. However, you will improve the quality of your future life, starting from now on… Of course, you should never forget that EFT is not an alternative to medicine. You must consult your doctor first.

Ahmet Aksoy

May 192014

5 Simple Main Steps In EFT Applications

In a previous article, I had mentioned about the 18 points that were being used in EFT.
Now I will give you the details to be taken into account in an EFT session.

5 stepsEFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is applied by tapping some special acupressure points with fingertips. These special points belongs to the energy meridians which are on the surface of our head, chest, and hands. EFT tapping points are on top of the bones, and they are more sensitive comparing to the neighboring regions.

The main steps in an EFT application, can be summarized as follows:
1. Problem identification
2. Check the intensity and the location
3. Apply Setup
4. Tapping
5. Re-check the intensity and the location (jump to 3rd step if necessary, or stop)

The tapping points used in the short recipe are as follows:
EB- Start of Eyebrow (symmetrical)
SE- Side of Eye (symmetrical)
UE- Under Eye (symmetrical)
UN- Under Nose (single)
CH- Chin (single)
CB- Collar Bone
UA- Under Arm
LP- Liver Point
WR- Wrist (inner) (symmetrical group)
TH- Top of Head (single group)
KC- Karate Chop point (symmetrical)

The points that are located at under nose, and chin are single points. Top of Head is defined as a single region. On wrists, also, there are more than one point which are very close to each other that can be defined as a symmetrical region. All other points are symmetrical twin points.

During an application, we must tap each point about 3 to 7 times, rapidly. The strokes must be firm, but should not hurt.

All of the tapping points are located at the regions where underneath bones are close to surface. While tapping we can use our index finger, or index and middle fingers altogether. We can hit both inner wrists to each other, and we can use all of the fingers of one of our hands while tapping our Top of Head region.

Now, let me explain the main EFT steps:

1- In the first step, we must define the problem that we want to solve. It might be a physical problem such as a back pain. Or it might be a family or health problem, or money issues. The problem must not be a very complex one. If it is a complex problem, we must divide it into simpler parts. Then we prepare a setup sentence according to that problem definition. For example: “Even though I have this back pain, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Also we need a “reminder statement” like “This pain.”

2- When we prepare the setup and the reminder sentences, we check the intensity, and the place of the emotional effects arising from that problem. Generally we scale the intensity using a number between 0 (zero) and 10 (ten). Any value less than 3, can be assumed as a resolved, or ineffective problem. If the intensity is greater than two, we continue the session. If we encounter a really very big problem, intensity might be as high as 10.
The place of the discomfort is also an important clue. However, if you are new to EFT, it might be a little difficult to find that place. In such a situation, skip it.

3- When we locate the intensity, and the place of the issue we start to repeat the setup sentence 3 times while tapping (KC) Karate Chop point continuously.

4- When we complete the setup step, we start tapping. While tapping we tap 3 to 7 times, and say the reminder phrase once for each point. After the completion of the tapping sequence, we breath in deeply, wait for 2-3 seconds, then breath out.

5- In the last step, we close our eyes, and re-check the intensity and the place of the discomfort. If the intensity gets lower than 3, then we stop. Otherwise, we return to the third step, and repeat the sequence. If the intensity level does not change even after 4 or 5 complete cycles, then we stop again. In such a case it is better to change the location, and/or time for another trial.

Here is a simple example:

First step
Problem: Neck pain
Setup sentence: Even though I have this neck pain, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Reminder phrase: This pain.

Second step
Place: Back of the neck
Level: 6

Third step
While continuously tapping Karate Chop point, repeat the setup sentence 3 times:
Even though I have this neck pain, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Fourth step
Tap Start of Eyebrow – say: This pain
Tap Side of Eye – say: This pain
Tap Under Eye – say: This pain
Tap Under Nose – say: This pain
Tap Chin – say: This pain
Tap Collar Bone – say: This pain
Tap Under Arm – say: This pain
Tap Liver Point – say: This pain
Tap Wrist – say: This pain
Tap Top of Head – say: This pain
Breath in – Breath out

Fifth step
Re-check the intensity level, and place of discomfort. If it is less than 3, then stop, or return to the third step.

In my next article, I will explain the Basic Recipe, and give some new examples.

Follow me.

Ahmet Aksoy

May 072013

You Can Be Stress Free With EFT

EFT tapping points

Stress is one of our contemporary ailments.

Daily struggles, worries, fears, and non-fulfilled expectations…

All of them are sources of stress.

We, generally prefer to put our emotional problems in the drawers of our sub-conscious mind, instead of facing them. We hide, and collect them. We behave as if we don’t see, and even we try to forget them.

And then we wonder, without rhyme or reason why we get angry, why we feel blue, and without any apparent reason why we are afraid of everything.
Worries, concerns, fears and expectations are in the drawers of our subconscious…
That’s the main source of stress that lies in these hidden drawers…

Yes, its name is EFT.

EFT is the abbreviation of the words “Emotional Freedom Techniques”.
This technique should be known by everyone.

This technique provides us both clearing of our emotional burdens, as well as preventing the very beginning of the formation of new loadings. Thus it has both a restorative, and also has a protective structure.

EFT, is not an alternative to modern medicine. But, by the permission of the attending physician, it can provide a very effective support.

EFT is a technique that should be learned at an early age if possible, starting from the first steps of primary education. Because it contains important tools that we can make use of it, in every stage of our lives. It is completely technical and practical. At first, it must be applied with the help of an expert. When you learn the critical details, you can apply EFT easily on your own. In order to be effective, you do not need any special philosophical beliefs.

Try and see the results before you decide.

History of EFT extends to 4,000 B.C. Its foundations are Chinese, and Japan acupressure techniques. These techniques started to be understood, accepted, and revised accordingly. Some of these revised techniques are Applied Kinesiology, and Thought Field Therapy.

In 1990’s, a Stanford graduated engineer, Gary Craig created a new set of techniques named as “Emotional Freedom Techniques”. It was a simplified, practical, yet effective set of techniques.

EFT, assumes the existence of energy meridians. But, in the West, everything depends on the matter. However, as Albert Einstein showed that even matter is a form of energy. Using the same perspective, it is easier to understand that our body is affected by the changes in the energy meridians. Both acupuncture, and acupressure systems use the same energy meridian model.

The aim of EFT is to maintain energy balance. In order to maintain the stabilization, some of the acupuncture points on our body are kinesthetically stimulated by finger tapping.

In an EFT session, we intensify on a single problem in our mind while we are tapping at the same time. It looks like drumming on the table with our fingers when we feel stressed.

In an EFT session only a single problem takes into consideration. Finger tapping is applied to some points on the energy meridians in order to balance the disturbances in energy flow. So, the negative effects of that problem are recovered simultaneously. However, some problems which are hidden behind the recovered problem, come to the surface. Then, the same techniques are used in order to recover the new problems.

All stresses, and worries create some problems on different parts of our body. By using EFT, we recover them. Some EFT applications are very short. Some others might take quite a long time. That difference depends on the person, or the type of the problem. Sometimes only a single session will be enough, and sometimes you need to repeat the procedure for a longer period of time.

EFT, supplies a practical, and effective solution to our daily problems, and is being known by many people as time passes.

I will share my new writings about EFT in my blog. I am waiting for your comments.
Please be in contact with me.

Ahmet Aksoy