Apr 082015

Why is EFT so powerful?
EFT is a very practical technique. However, there are many aspects that require expertise, too.

Why is EFT so powerful?

In order to make an important decision, there is a very simple but effective method. It is called a plus-minus or weakness-strength report. There are two columns in the report. In such a report, both weak and strong aspects of the situation are listed in separate columns. And then, the contents of the columns are compared. The method does not supply a mathematical formulation, but it helps you to be aware of the details of the problem.

Let us prepare such a report for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques-emotional).


Weak (Negative) sides of EFT

– EFT is a very simple application and its effect might be underestimated.
– The underlying logic of energy meridians is not easy to understand with the Western point of view.
– There is not an accepted explanation of EFT for the Western science.
– As it is an unknown application, it might be fearful for some people.
– Many people believe in drugs being more effective in the treatments, or performance improvements. On the other side, EFT only proposes to drink water.

Strong (Positive) sides of EFT

– There are no substances to enter into the body for EFT.
– Nothing is removed from the human body.
– No new programs are installed into the subconscious mind.
– Nothing is deleted from the unconscious mind externally.
– It does not conflict the placebo effect.
– Can be applied in many forms (normal, short, virtual, etc).
– The results of the application often can be benefited very quickly.
– Outcomes can be measured easily.
– It’s possible to apply people who can not be treated medically anymore.
– When necessary, it can be applied remotely.
– It is not necessary to believe in EFT to be effective.
– It is not only for physical challenges.
– Pretty easy to experiment.
– It can be effective even in cases as severe as PTSD.
– It has no side effect.
– Can be applied at any age.

You can add your personal thoughts in the above list.


According to my list, strong side of the system is much more dominant compared to the weak side.

EFT is an amazingly simple and effective system.

However, despite its simplicity, it must be applied with the help of an expert at the beginning.
Because if you make a false beginning, you might miss its enormous benefits.

In order to start EFT, find a local expert (or if you are in İstanbul you can reach me) and then try it. You will be surprised!

ahmet aksoy